Participate in Covenant Athletics

How do I become a Covenant athlete?

In order to be a part of the Athletic Program of Covenant, you must:

  1. Be enrolled as a full-time student at Covenant.
  2. Complete a full 7-page IHSAA/Covenant Sports Physical Form and have it on file in the Athletic Office which includes:
    1. Reading the Covenant Athletics Handbook.
    2. Reading the IHSAA Concussion Fact Sheets (both for Parents and Athletes).
    3. Watching this video from our Athletic Director.

Are you a transfer student?

Any Transfer Student in grades 10-12 must set up a meeting with the Athletic Director by contacting Andrew Gossel at and complete a transfer form before participating in any interschool contest.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

May I play two sports at one time?

Due to the demands of being a high school athlete, students may be involved in only one sport at a time. An athlete may play multiple sports throughout the school year, but in different seasons.

Is it okay to be involved in other extracurricular activities and athletics at the same time?

Provided that schedules may be worked out between the student athlete and the coaches and/or club advisors, this may be possible.

May I get my sports physical with my regular doctor instead of Covenant?

Yes. Please download a complete package form or pick one up in the Covenant office first. All pages must be completed.

Do you have a trainer?

Yes. Our Athletic Trainer is contracted through Athletico Physical Therapy. They are present through all sports practices and home events.

How much are fees to play?

Athletes must purchase a practice pack which includes a practice uniform and/or warm-ups for each specific sport. Athletes may keep these purchased items after the season is over.

Covenant Athletics is a part of the Non-Profit Track Cleanup program with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which earns funds for our department. There are two opportunities from which to choose: Brickyard (August) or Indy 500 (May). All athletes are required to participate in lieu of a $100 participation fee. Athletes in one sport participate in one cleanup while athletes who participate in more than one sport must participate in both cleanup opportunities.

What about last-minute updates?

Coaches update the players on their individual teams. We will also do our best to keep you informed at or on Twitter @athletics4cchs as last-minute updates occur.

Where do we practice and play?

While most of our teams play here at our campus, others practice and play at various locations. See Off-Campus Venues under Facilities.